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Over the course of her teaching career, Marcia has developed many strategies for teaching writing skills to children of all ages. She is available to share her expertise during school visits and writing workshops. Here are some school visit and workshop ideas:

Preschool, transitional and regular Kindergarten:

Workshops for young children would begin with a reading of Buster—then one of three focuses will be discussed.

  1. A discussion about Buster’s fear of loud noises. This would transition into things that frighten children (noises, the dark, getting lost) and strategies for working through those fears like Buster did.
  2. Telling how you feel through pictures and words.
  3. Telling a story from start to finish by drawing pictures.

Workshops for parents of young children would include a discussion of typical childhood fears and ways to encourage their children to talk about and work through those fears.

Assemblies for students in grades 1-6:

The writing process—How to develop a story including where ideas come from, how to expand upon them, revision and different ways to “publish” their stories. Buster will be used as an example of the process, then students will co-create a new story with me.

Individual classroom workshops:

  1. Personal Narrative—how to take one small moment and expand it into a story.
  2. Tell Your Story Through Pictures: Writing a Dummy—the importance of plotting out your story through pictures.
  3. How to Develop a Character and Setting—how drawing pictures before they write will help them capture the specific details of their characters and/or settings.
  4. Fractured Fairy Tales—the basic elements found in most traditional fairy tales, and how “fracturing” one or more of those elements changes the tale.
  5. Topic of your choosing—I will customize it for your grade level.

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